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July 27, 2012
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Story about A Polar Bear Part 3
(This  part was supposed to be uploaded the 19 of july)

Herbert: Finally, the day has arrived! *evil laugh*
Opal: For what? To fail again and not accomplish anything?
Herbert: >: (
Opal: Seriously! Im always here, lonely, and do nothing!
Herbert: Didn`t you played pokar with Klutzy?
Opal: yeah, when I was younger!
Klutzy: Now I play pokar with this puffle! :D
Herbert: *facepalm* Klutzy get that puffle out of here!!
Klutzy: *sigh* fine! fine!
Opal: Today is the party! Why can`t I go, atleast with you!
Herbert: Remember that last time!
Opal: That last time! That last time!! why are you always saying as an excuse!?
Herbert: *looks to the floor*...
Opal: You know what? Im going now there without your permission!

--At Michina`s igloo--
Opal: *enters with so much anger*
Michina: Who`s there!? Oh its you Opal, what are you doing here?
Opal: *sigh* Im tired of being a polar bear, it sucks!
Michina: huh?
Laughs, PinkiePink and Gumball: huh?
Opal: I'd rather be a penguin than a polar bear...
Michina: A-Are you sure? cause Gary has something that may help you
Opal: really?
Michina: Yes! wait here, I don´t wan´t to give G a heart attack! *giggle*
Opal: *giggle* Okay

-- At the EPF --
EPF Agent: Uhh, do you need something Michina?
Michina: yeah.. I need to ask something to G
EPF Agent: *uses radio; "Gary, Another agent needs to ask you something"*
G (Gary): What´s it?
Michina: remember that machine that turns puffles into penguins?
G: uuh, yeah, You ain´t going to use it for a puffle right? Cause remember what happened that last time... *flashback*
Michina: right, so can I have it for a while? I will bring it back
G: sure *hands machine to Michina* here it is
Michina: thank you G
(The machine isn`t that big, is just a laser)

-- At the igloo again --
Michina: I am here!!
Opal: What is it?
Michina: A machine that turns puffles to penguins, but im sure it works with another creatures
Opal: Are you sure??
Michina: yup!It is tested by G, so are you ready?
Opal: Y-Yes...
Michina: *turns on machine*

Michina: O__O.....
Opal: *sweats* Did it worked?
Michina: I suggest you see it for yourself... *hands opal a mirror*
Opal: O_O.. It- It can´t be! Im a penguin!! :D
Michina: I just have a question... what will herbert say when he sees you??
Opal: Don`t worry, I`ll get charge of that

-- At somewhere... --
Herbert: Time to say goodbye to your beloved party penguins! *evil laugh*
Mickayla, Shannon, Anya, Michina, Opal and other penguins: You wont get away with it!
Herbert: ¿¿Uhh.. Do I know you??? *points at opal*
Opal: yes, and I will give you a clue, *gets angry* OPAL!
Herbert: wait, how the heck are you a penguin Opal!?
Opal: Cause I can´t have fun, like in the porth nole? Is always the same thing!
Herbert: you are returning to a polar bear!
Opal: And what if I don´t want to!? You can´t make me!
Herbert: I can´t!? Opal for goodnes sake im your father!!
By saying this, all the penguins returned to their igloo and Opal and Herbert where still arguing

-- At the Cofee shop --
Shannon: How did it turned out, Opal?
Opal: Uhh, fine I guess..
Anya: Are you okay??
Opal: Im fine, *sigh* I fell bad for my dad...
Anya: Don´t worry, I made this for you! *hands a scarf*
Opal: :), Thank you Anya
Michina: Now, lets enjoy the party!
Mickayla, Shannon, Anya and Opal: Yay!

-- At herbert´s cave --
Klutzy: Herbert? where´s Opal?
Herbert: *sigh* What every father has to do, let their daughter go...
Klutzy: Don´t worry, you did the right thing
Herbert: ??
Klutzy: yes! And do you know what? you can still visit her if you want, she may visit you too
Herbert: youre right Klutzy, *hugs him*
White puffle: *starts jumping*
Klutzy: *watches puffle* Im going to get him out ^^;
Herbert and Klutzy: *laughs*
Who is the penguin next to Michina? Find it out on Story About a P. Bear last part!
(PinkiePink, Laughs and Gumball are my puffles)

This was supposed to be uploaded on july 19
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blossomluv1 Aug 1, 2012  Student Artist
you know there's gonna be a white color to unlock soon right? : [link] just wanted you to know.
RoyaltyPenguin Aug 1, 2012   Digital Artist
yeah, I knew that ^^
blossomluv1 Aug 1, 2012  Student Artist
oh ok
blossomluv1 Jul 28, 2012  Student Artist
bloom: *giggles* opal you are a penguin. :D i can give you a tour of club penguin, there's alot of things to do here, my favorite thing to do in club penguin is exploring!
RoyaltyPenguin Jul 28, 2012   Digital Artist
Opal: I know >W<! I think I´ll take the tour :)
blossomluv1 Jul 28, 2012  Student Artist
bloom: *giggles* ok *puts on tour hat*
** after the tour **
bloom: and that's everything you need to know about club penguin! :D
RoyaltyPenguin Jul 28, 2012   Digital Artist
Opal: It seems that I will have a good time here! :D
blossomluv1 Jul 28, 2012  Student Artist
bloom: DUH! :D how wouldn't!? i :heart: club penguin! :D
RoyaltyPenguin Jul 28, 2012   Digital Artist
Opal: *giggle*
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